Four-Dimensional Isotope-Sensitive Material Depth Profiling Using Cold Neutrons (N4DP)

N4DP applied to investigations of ion transport in energy storage.

Within this project we are extending the existing PGAA instrument at the FRM II by an option for neutron-based four-dimensional profiling (N4DP). This enables the non-destructive quantitative mapping of local distributions of light elements like 3He, 6Li, 10B or 14N with high sensitivity and resolution nearly independent of the bulk composition.

The project is conducted in close collaboration with Roman Gernhäuser (ZTL, Physik-Department), Ralph Gilles (MLZ) and Zsolt Revay (MLZ / PGAA).

We are currently looking for talented and motivated students for this BMBF funded project. If you are interested, please contact Roman Gernhäuser or Bastian Märkisch.